Promoting psychological wellness in the workplace is an important way to address the Health Human Resource (HHR) crisis. TAKE'N5 can build sustainable capacity for your organization to support psychological wellness through peer support.

TAKE'N5 offers sector-specific education and self-help strategies, combined with a peer support guide. The program helps employees support peers who are struggling with the effects of critical or traumatic incident exposure.

TAKE'N5: A Collegial Peer Support Model to Mitigate Psychological Stress Injury in the Workplace was pilot-tested as a research partnership between Lakehead University and NorWest Community Health Centres to address employees' needs concerning occupational stress injury and support for mental wellness. A brief overview of this research project and its outcomes was presented as part of a learning session at the Alliance's 2023 conference. We are presenting this webinar in response to session attendees, who expressed a strong interest in learning more.


  • To mitigate the effects of occupational stress injury among front-line community primary health care workers.
  • To share a peer support model, as a resource aimed at promoting positive peer interaction among employees who experience occupational stress injury.
  • To garner interest for future research concerning the TAKE’N5 model.


A colour headshot of Dr. Jo-Ann Vis. Her arms are crossed over her lap, and she is smiling.

Dr. Jo-Ann Vis is an associate professor with the School of Social Work at Lakehead University. Jo-Ann's education and training have been in social work and family therapy, receiving a Master's degree from the University of Toronto and a Ph.D. from the University of Calgary. Jo-Ann also holds certification through the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy as a clinical member and approved supervisor.

 Dr. Vis' qualitative research and expertise focus primarily on clinical social work practice, organizational health, occupational trauma, acute trauma, grief and loss.  





Tuesday, November 28, 2023 - 12:00
12-1 pm
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