In Ontario, all hospitals, long-term care facilities, and interprofessional primary health care organizations are required by law to submit a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) to Ontario Health (OH) by April 1 of each year. This is a public documented set of quality commitments made by the organization to its clients, staff, and community. Each organization's QIP must be reviewed and approved by its board and shared publicly on the organization's website. QIPs should be developed in partnership with the organization's clients and their caregivers, front-line staff, executive leaders, and clinical directors. 

OH's 2023-24 priorty indicators for primary care QIPs are Patient involvement in decisions about care and Percentage of non-palliative care patients newly dispensed an opioid. If you choose to report on these indicators, data for the patient involvement indicator should come from your Patient Experience Survey. Data for the newly dispensed an opioid indicator should come from your Practice Profile (for CHCs and AHACs), your MyPractice: Primary Care Report (for FHTs and CFHTs), or your EMR (for NPLCs). 

It is important to note that primary care organizations do not need to use OH's priority indicators. Alliance member organizations are encouraged to incorporate one or more of the Common QIP Indicators developed by and for our members into their QIPs. These indicators were approved by Alliance members through the Equity, Performance, Improvement, and Change (EPIC) Committee and the Executive Leaders (EL) Network in 2018 to be adopted by the CHCs within our sector. The Common QIP indicators are as follows:

  • Completion of sociodemographic data collection
  • Cervical cancer screening rate stratified by income and stratified by racial/ethnic group
  • Client feeling comfortable and welcome
  • Client involvement in decisions about their care and treatment
  • Client perception of timely access to care 

NOTE: During the first three years of the pandemic (2020, 2021, and 2022), submitting a QIP was optional. It is mandatory for organizations to submit QIPs beginning for 2023-24.

QIP Supports Webinar (Recording): January 26, 2023

Presented in partnership with Ontario Health and the Indigenous Primary Health Care Council, this webinar was designed to help guide primary health care organizations as they develop their 2023/24 Organizational and Collaborative Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs and CQIPS). Terri Donovan and Lindsay Sleeth from Ontario Health provided an overview of this year's priority indicators, key dates, and helpful resources. Jennifer Sarkella and Stephanie Bale, quality improvement and performance leads from our sector, presented an overview the Common QIP Indicators which were developed by and for Alliance members along with the newly released Common QIP data report. Anita Cameron, on behalf of the Indigenous Primary Health Care Council, presented new QIP indicators being developed by and for Indigenous-Led Primary Health Care Organizations in partnership with Ontario Health. 

Organization-Level QIP Resources from Ontario Health

Common QIP Indicators for Community-Based Interprofessional Primary Health Care

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