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The CHC Practice Profile for 2020-2021 was published in March 2022.

This resource, which is created annually, produced Alliance for Healthier Communities in partnership with the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES). It combines Community Health Centre (CHC) Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data with provincial billing and administrative data to provide information on the clients served by Ontario’s CHCs. 

The CHC Practice Profile has been revamped and updated for 2021. The report and appendices include aggregate data on the following indicators for clients of every CHC within the Alliance. The Eletronic Data File allows you to drill down on particular indicators and select peers for comparison. To access it, first log in to our members-only community portal. Once logged in, follow these links to access the Practice Profile Report and the associated resources:

On April 12, 2022, the Alliance hosted a webinar to help orient members to the updated practice profile.

Stephanie Bale, Kendra Jones, and Jennifer Sarkella, the Quality Improvement & Performance Leads (QIPLs) for our sector, walked us through the changes and provided an overview of the report's layout, gave us a high-level explanation of how the data is collected and compiled, and described some of the ways it might be used to drive quality improvement at the organization level. Those who missed the webinar, wish to review it, or want to share it with a colleague can find the slide deck here and a video recording below.

We have also compiled a list of the most common audience questions with answers from the QIPLs and our Director of Research and Evaluation, Jennifer Rayner. You can find it here

Other Resources

QIPLs and Alliance staff recognize that for many Alliance members, the Standardized ACG Morbidity Index (SAMI) score is a particularly important indicator because it contributes to the calculation of your optimal panel size. The SAMI score is a measure of aggregate client complexity. It represents the predicted health system usage of an organization's average client, expressed as a ratio of the predicted health system usage of the average person residing in Ontario. For example, if an organization has a SAMI score of 1.5, their average client is predicted to use the health system 1.5 times as much as the average person in Ontario, whose score would be 1. The following resources provide more information as well as useful tips for ensuring that your organization's SAMI score is accurate. As with the Practice Profile, these documents are available to Alliance members through our members-only portal:

Besides the SAMIthe other key data elements covered in the 2021 Practice Profile included key indicators for QIP and system-level planning.  The following resources, accessible to everyone through the Alliance website, can be used together with the data from the Practice Profile for developing your organization-level and collaborative QIPs: