In the months ahead, we’re aiming to get local leaders, community supporters and our partners in the community to commit to the Health Equity Pledge, to show broad, strong and unified commitment to the actions needed for equitable health for everyone living in Ontario. Below, you’ll also find templates to share your pledge, either as an organization or as an individual.

When you’re posting the pledges online, remember to tag others on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., using the hashtags #HealthEquityPledge and #ConfrontInequity to encourage as many people are possible to make the commitment to confronting inequity and celebrating community alongside us. Post the templates via your website and newsletter to encourage others to take part.

Health Equity Pledge Template LONG FORM (organizations or individuals)

Along with the members of the Alliance for Healthier Communities, we are celebrating community and efforts to confront inequity across Ontario. Here at [insert your organization or team name], our commitment to health equity and improving access to comprehensive primary health care is relentless. By addressing the social determinants of health in holistic ways -- including access to safe and affordable housing, clean water and healthy food, as well as by confronting racism and addressing poverty – we can build our community here in [insert your neighbourhood or community’s name here] to be one that supports equitable health for everyone.

To underline the importance of [my/our] commitment to the principles of health equity as embodied by the Health Equity Charter, today, I am/we are taking the Health Equity Pledge to reaffirm my/our commitment to holistic approaches to health and wellbeing that meet the needs not only of overall community health, but are especially important to improving the lives of people facing inequities and systemic barriers.

Health Equity Pledge Template SHORT FORMS - fit to Twitter - (organizations or individuals)

We pledge to #ConfrontInequity and work towards equitable health for everyone in _______________ by continuing ______________ (work related to food security, social check-ins, shelter visits, outreach support, etc.) #CelebrateCommunity

We pledge to work towards equitable health for everyone in our community through/by _____________ (equitable virtual care programs, anti-racism work, affordable housing, better supports for people living on low incomes, etc.) #CelebrateCommunity

We pledge to #ConfrontInequity by [committing to/reaffirming our commitment to] _____________ (anti-racism work, collecting and learning from race-based data, advocating for better and more equitable services/supports for 2SLGTBQ+/Francophones/seniors/youth) #CelebrateCommunity

[We/I] pledge to support equitable health for everyone by working closely with community partners to #ConfrontInequity in policies, procedures and resourcing. #CelebrateCommunity #HealthEquity #ONpoli

[We/I] pledge to #CelebrateCommunity by ensuring investment in community health and social services that can build a more integrated health and wellbeing system rooted in #HealthEquity. #ConfrontInequity #ONpoli

[We/I] pledge to advocate for funding for #CommunityHealth organizations and teams that #ConfrontInequity and work towards equitable health for everyone living in our community. #HealthEquity #CelebrateCommunity #ONpoli