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Change Day Ontario: Let's show the province what real change looks like

Change Day Ontario is a province-wide initiative spearheaded by Health Quality Ontario to help spread the word about the many changes – big and small – that health providers make on a daily basis to better serve the communities where they work. It’s about acknowledging the work you’re already doing, and emboldening others by sharing the plans of where you’re headed. It’s about recognizing that small steps can add up to big changes for our health system, and it’s about celebrating the difference that providers make every day, both for patients and their colleagues.

Staff from WellFort Community Health Services (pictured above and below), Planned Parenthood, and Bridges Community Health Centre took the plunge and made pledges.

Pledges can be things you’re already doing that you plan to continue or expand; they can also be little things you’re going to do to improve your own knowledge; or they can even be as simple as pledging to smile more when it’s most difficult, or listening when you have the urge to jump in and offer advice. Change pledges can come in all shapes and sizes, but the most important thing is that the pledge is meaningful for you and your daily work.

Gurpreet Kaur at WellFort pledges to “obtain more information about Child Tax Benefits by the end of this year to better support my clients.”

Racquel Bremmer at Planned Parenthood Toronto pledges “to better support the health services professions I manage to ensure that the health and wellbeing indicators of our clients improve annually.”

Lori Kleinsmith at Bridges Community Health Centre pledges to “continue to advocate for the expansion of publicly funded dental care to cover adults and seniors on low incomes.”

If there’s something you’re doing to change the way patients and providers around you experience the health system, or something you’re planning on doing, this is your chance to share that insight and motivation with the wider health system.

This Change Day Ontario, stand up, be heard, and make a pledge in English or French.