Kami Norland: Human-Centered Leadership and Mental Wellbeing Advocacy

Kami Norland, MA, ATR, is a visionary force in the realm of human-centered leadership and workplace culture transformation. As the Compassionate Experiences Organizer (CEO) of Integrative Re-Sources, LLC, and a co-founder of the global Elevate Compassion Coalition, Norland's impact resonates across diverse professional spheres. With an impressive journey spanning over two decades, she has consistently championed mental wellbeing and compassion, catalyzing positive change within individuals, organizations, and communities.

Norland's extensive background encompasses a rich tapestry of experiences, from her early days in a rural mental health clinic to her role as a healthcare leader on a national stage. This eclectic journey has underscored her resolute belief in the imperative of prioritizing mental wellbeing. Armed with courage and compassion.

Recognized as a thought-leader, Norland has graced international platforms as a dynamic keynote speaker, capturing audiences with her uplifting narratives and transformative insights. Her workshops are characterized by a fusion of cutting-edge scientific research, relatable anecdotes, and actionable tips that empower participants to reframe, rediscover, and redesign their quality of life and workplace experiences.

At the helm of Integrative Re-Sources, LLC, Norland's endeavors center on facilitating a seismic shift in workplace culture. Through her workshops and facilitation expertise, she offers professionals the tools to bolster their capacity for compassionate leadership, fostering a mental wellbeing-centric environment.

Norland’s work embodies the essence of social prescribing, prescribing not just for others, but for ourselves and our communities. Through her advocacy, Norland reshapes how we perceive leadership, resilience, and the profound connection between mental wellbeing and a fulfilling life.

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