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Nutrition and obesity care in multidisciplinary primary care settings in Ontario, Canada: Short duration of visits and complex health problems perceived as barriers


  • Nutrition was perceived to be an important topic when discussing weight.
  • Primary care providers perceived their knowledge in nutrition to be suboptimal.
  • Access to allied health professionals facilitated referrals.
  • Electronic Medical Records facilitated obesity management and communication.
  • Lack of time and increase in multimorbidities hindered preventive care.


Using Self-Determination theory to understand the social prescribing process: a qualitative study


Background: Social prescribing assists patients to engage insocial activities and connect to community supports as part of a holistic approach to primary care. Rx: Community was a social prescribing project, implemented within 11 community health centres situated across Ontario, Canada.

Aims: To explore how social prescribing as a process facilitates positive outcomes for patients.

Age equity in different models of primary care practice in Ontario

Editor's Key Points

  • Canada has restructured its primary care models of service delivery, shifting from traditional fee-for-service models to salaried community health centres, and to models in which remuneration is largely based on capitation (ie, health service organizations and family health networks). This is the first study to assess disparities among age groups across several dimensions of primary care performance in primary care models.

The untold story: Examining Ontario’s CHCs’ initiatives to address upstream DOH


Background: Unlike traditional primary care centres, part of the Community Health Centre (CHC) mandate is to address upstream health determinants. In Ontario, CHCs refer to these activities as Community Initiatives (CIs); yet, little is known about how CIs operate. The objective of this study was to examine the scope, resource requirements, partnerships, successes and challenges among selected Ontario CIs.


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