This webinar is presented by the National Newcomer Navigation Network (N4)

Did you know that nurse turnover costs healthcare organizations millions annually? During this health human resource crisis, it's just as crucial to retain nurses in the workplace as to recruit them. Join our engaging session to explore the new national nurse retention toolkit. We’ll provide essential guidance tailored to the unique considerations faced by those who represent nearly two thirds of the increase in nurses; those who received their education outside of Canada. Bring your questions and real-world scenarios — we’ll address them live. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform nurse retention in your organization.

# Learning Objectives:

  • Discover proven strategies to boost nurse retention rates.
  • Learn how to create a supportive environment for IENs.
  • Access practical tools from the national nurse retention toolkit.
Wednesday, July 24, 2024 - 13:00
1:00 pm
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