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Model of Health and WellbeingThe Alliance's research portfolio is firmly embedded in the Model of Health & Wellbeing which underpins all the work that we and our member organizations do. It’s a dynamic, two-way relationship: the Model of Health & Wellbeing – developed based on extensive research evidence- informs the conception and planning of the Alliance’s research projects. In turn, our research findings influence how the model is operationalized and adapted to local contexts, to achieve our common goal of better health for everyone in Ontario, especially those who experience barriers to good health.

The Alliance's research program is needs-perceptive; our studies seek to provide the knowledge that our member organizations need to demonstrate their effectiveness, evaluate their care efforts, and enhance their operations so that they continue to provide the highest quality of primary health care for those that need it most.

Read our 2016-18 research report

Research requests

If you are an academic, institution or community-based researcher and have data or information requests, please email Jennifer Rayner at