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The Model of Health and Wellbeing Online Learning Series

How to bring our shared vision of the future – the best possible health and wellbeing for everyone in Ontario – to life.

Together, the Alliance and our member centres are on a journey upstream - away from sickness and toward health and wellbeing - and the Model of Health and Wellbeing is the blueprint for our journey.

This series introduces the Model, brings its principles, values and attributes to life with stories and data, and includes opportunities for review and reflection.

Friendly, informative and inspiring, it's an invaluable learning tool for your entire team. Plus, it's divided into sections so everyone can go through at their own pace.

To access the modules at no cost, visit:

Note: There are 8 modules in English and French plus one additional/supplementary module, and they are approx. 30 mins each.



Resources and References Glossary