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Elimination of sex-based inequities in Indian registration - communication materials

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We are reaching out to you from Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) with the hope that you can help our organization distribute important information among your networks. We are pleased to share the following communications material with you and other organizations that serve the senior population throughout the country. This information highlights the legislative changes to the Indian Act under S-3, and the impact of these changes on First Nations women, children, elders, and communities at large.

 S-3, which fully came into force in 2019, eliminated sex-based inequities in Indian registration. In historic policy, the Indian Act provided favorable treatment towards Indian men and their descendants, and women and their descendants were not treated equally. This discrimination has impacted generations of individuals dating back to 1869.  

 In light of these recent legislative changes, ISC has committed to undertaking outreach with First Nation communities and with the general public on S-3 as more individuals are now eligible for registration to Indian status. This means that more individuals can now have access to benefits, services, and programs that contribute to an improved quality of life, and can pass status down to their descendants. This information is relevant to the senior population as First Nations elders would be more likely to have lived experience of discrimination caused by these sex-based inequities, which have now been removed from legislation.

 The Department has created material to outline the registration process for S-3 applicants and includes some other information resources. This material can be found linked below or attached. We kindly ask that you disseminate these documents amongst your networks, post them in your offices for general awareness, and share them online. 

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