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Welcome to the inaugural issue of Voices, a newsletter that offers information about emerging issues, innovative initiatives and an insider’s view into the world of community-governed primary health care.

This Perspectives column will appear regularly in the newsletter to provide views on health and healthcare in this province. In this edition, we’re bringing you AOHC’s perspective on the future of Ontario’s 14 Local Health Integration Networks. It’s a hot topic. Next week Queen’s Park’s Standing Committee on Social Policy launches province-wide public hearings, an initial step in what will be a year-long review of the Act that governs LHINs’ mandate.

Paula Carere, Clinical Director of Waterloo Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic, recently received one of the most prestigious awards given by the Nurse Practitioners Association of Ontario (NPAO) for her efforts integrating Nurse Practitioners into Ontario's health system.

For the first time ever, Ontario's Public Health and Primary Health Care Associations are mounting a joint conference. The focus: How to work better together promoting the best possible health and wellbeing for everyone.

Voices caught up alPHa Executive Director Linda Stewart and AOHC CEO Adrianna Tetley to learn why.

Mothers with substance use problems are an extremely vulnerable population. They face multiple barriers- both at systemic and social levels. An innovative program at Black Creek Community Heath Centre called Bridges to Moms aims to improve the lives of these women and their young children.

What's New?

To help deepen the understanding of the concepts behind the Model Of Health & Wellbeing, an orientation webcast, the first of 9 learning modules, is being provided publicly.

In response to advocacy work by AOHC, the Ontario Oral Health Alliance and others, the MOHLTC is moving to streamline and expand access to public dental programs for low income children.

In December the MOHLTC made the welcomed announcement of a new Ontario Temporary Health Program. This program now ensures refugee claimants have access to essential, urgent health care.

AOHC partnered with Health Providers Against Poverty for a media conference at Queens Park on January 14th calling on the Ontario government to prescribe better health by increasing the minimum wage.