Alliance logo with text about how investing in community governed primary health care organizations can reduce strain on hospitals

TORONTO – Representing 111 community-governed primary health care organizations that serve communities in every part of Ontario, the Alliance for Healthier Communities submitted a plan for investments in the Ontario Budget 2023 to keep people healthy and well in their communities and out of hospital.

In February, the Alliance submitted our 2023 Pre-Budget Submission, Investing in Comprehensive Primary Health Care: the foundation of an integrated health system and Sarah Hobbs, CEO, presented to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs

In Ontario, the opportunity for a more connected, comprehensive and convenient healthcare system, coupled with investments in community governed comprehensive primary health care organizations, can help keep people living healthy lives in their communities. This is important to taking pressure off of our emergency rooms and hospitals,” said Sarah Hobbs, CEO, Alliance for Healthier Communities,” said Sarah Hobbs, CEO, Alliance for Healthier Communities.

The Alliance proposes investments in three (3) key areas to keep people in community and out of emergency rooms and hospitals while ensuring efficient use of healthcare funding for equitable health outcomes: 

  1. Sustain and ensure strong foundations for community primary health care organizations through base funding increases.
  2. Invest for the future to keep people out of hospitals down the road with new and expanded inter-professional primary health care organizations, especially in under-served areas and for under-served populations.
  3. Address health inequities that impact hospital system use, and reduce the demand for services to keep people healthier and helping people who do get sick to manage their conditions well.

Our members need sustainable and adequate funding in order to support the Ontario government’s new “Your Health Plan” of connecting, comprehensive and convenient healthcare systems. Sustainable funding will allow community health organizations and providers to maintain the capacity to deliver primary health care, mental health services, health promotion and community programs and services to keep people healthy and well in their communities and keep medically and socially complex patients out of emergency departments.

The Alliance for Healthier Communities (Alliance) represents a vibrant network of 111 community governed primary health care organizations serving communities across Ontario. Alliance members include community health centres, nurse practitioner-led clinics, community family health teams and Indigenous primary health care organizations. Together we have a common vision towards equitable health and wellbeing for everyone living in Ontario, which we strive for by advancing comprehensive primary health care and advocating for changes in Ontario’s health and social systems to address inequities. Guided by the Health Equity Charter, which is endorsed by all members, and the Model of Health and Wellbeing and Model of Wholistic Health and Wellbeing, Alliance members strive for health equity in all their work and innovations.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023