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Alliance Statement on Racism in the 2019 Federal Election

The Alliance for Healthier Communities strongly condemns the racist and anti-immigrant sentiment characterizing the 2019 federal election.

The Alliance represents over 100 community-led organizations across the province that work with people and communities facing multiple social injustices and health disparities. We know that racism impacts how people move through the world in tangible ways. We recognize race as an important determinant of health. In addition to causing trauma, racism diminishes health and wellbeing. Racism’s impact is felt in policies that reinforce inequitable access to health care and make socio-economic deprivations and inequities possible. Failure to name and openly speak about racism reinforces harm and upholds white supremacy and settler dominance in Canada. We must urgently resist and call out racism and anti-immigrant sentiment as they seep into public discussions.

The Alliance reaffirms its commitment to social justice and health equity. We urge our members to do the same. Here are steps organizations can take:

  1. Recognize, name and speak out against racist and anti-immigrant views in the election.
  2. Call on government representatives to support steps and policy actions to eliminate structures that enable racism.
  3. Advance health equity to address deprivations experienced by Indigenous, Black and other racialized communities across the province.
  4. Endorse the Health Equity Charter, offer inclusive leadership training for your governing body and offer the Ontario Indigenous Cultural Safety Training to providers in your organization.

We encourage you to review these resources on racism, whilst considering actions your organization can take:   


Tuesday, September 24, 2019