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Request for Audit Proposal Organizational Overview

Application Deadline: 
Posting Date: 
Rexdale Community Health Centre


Rexdale Community Health Centre (RCHC) is a community- governed organization, which provides comprehensive integrated primary health care, illness prevention, and health promotion services to the residents of Rexdale. Our approach to community health encompasses the broad factors that determine health such as education, employment, income, social support, environment and housing while utilizing community-based strategies that ensure community ownership.


It is the practice of RCHC to appoint auditors for a five-year term, subject to satisfactory performance. However, the reappointment will be reviewed annually and confirmed at the Annual General Meeting of the corporation by the membership. RCHC reserves the right, at its discretion, to decline the reappointment should there be any unsatisfactory element of performance.

The audit should include:

  • Examination of the records and financial statements of the organization, including but not limited to bank reconciliations, reconciliation of T4s issues to salary expenses, inventory, service contracts, employment contracts and reconciliation of government remittances.
  • Preparation of Audited Financial Statements/Reports – following funder’s prerequisites and recommendations regarding presentation of information.
  • Presentation of audited reports to the Treasurer, Board Resource Committee, Board of Directors, the Executive Director and the corporate membership at the Annual General Meeting of the corporation.
  • Preparation of Management letter at the end of the audit addressing any internal control or other issues identified during the audit.
  • Completion of annual Ministry of Health and Long Term questionnaire, in the prescribed form.
  • Completion of reports such as Annual Reconciliation Reports to other funders, when required, in the prescribed form.
  • Preparation of the annual charitable return for Revenue Canada Agency.
  • Review of RCHC financial policies to ensure compliance with statutes governing charitable non-for-profit corporations along with recommendations for suggested improvements.


The quoted fees will be provided for all the work associated with issuing of the reports. From time to time, RCHC will need to consult with its Auditors on various matters. It is expected that consultation of a minor nature would not result in additional billing. Should such consultation result in a significant research and investigation, this may be billed as an extra, but only with prior approval and discussion of costs.

It is expected that the Auditors will meet with the Board Treasurer, and the Resource Committee and the Executive Director of RCHC approximately three times a year:

  • At least two months prior to the year-end, the Auditors shall meet with designated staff from RCHC to discuss and agree upon a schedule for the completion of work for the current year.
  • Between mid-May and mid-June to review the draft Audited Financial Statements.
  • In May or June to discuss, any significant changes related to either the organizations operations or financial changes, which may affect the organizations financial policies and controls, practices or the annual audit.
  • In addition, it is expected that the Auditor or a designated representative will, upon request attend the Annual General Meeting of RCHC, which currently is held every September

The audit will be scheduled in consultation with the Executive Director but it is expected that this will take place annually in early May.


Audit proposal should include the following:

  • Profile and operating philosophy of the firm
  • Relevant experience and qualifications of the personnel that will be conducting the audit
  • Relevant experience in charitable, multi-funded non-for-profit auditing and with government programs, particularly the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and the Local Health Integration Networks
  • Client list of community health centres and/or health care/not for profit/social services/community based related clients
  • Information as to the proposed engagement team; that is, names, together with resumes of the partner, manager, and senior staff assigned to the engagement. Continuity of staff will be given a high priority and this must be indicated in your proposal 
  • Description of the audit approach 
  • A firm fee quotation for the fees to be charged for 2018 2019 and an estimate of the probable fees for the next four years, with hours and hourly rates by category, i.e., partner, manager, and total field staff
  • Fees must include all auditing assignments. An hourly rate for any additional work required by a non-profit not contained within the scope of this tender is to be provided 
  • Please use attached chart when providing your information for this section 
  • The names of client officials for three organizations, where you currently conducted audits, who would act as contact references. At least, one of the three organizations must be a charitable not-for-profit, multi-funded, receiving provincial government funding


Proposals that fail to follow this format or are incomplete or unclear may be rejected at the organization’s discretion.

RCHC reserves the right to discuss any/all proposals, request additional information and to decline any or all proposals made.

The lowest cost proposal will not necessarily be accepted. RCHC also reserves the right to accept or reject any part of or all proposals. Proposals will be evaluated using a scoring mechanism and those with the highest scores will be shortlisted to present to RCHC Board of Directors Resource Committee.

RCHC will not be liable for any costs incurred by firms in the preparation of their response to this proposal.

RCHC has the expectation that proponents will declare real or perceived conflict of interest in advance of proposal Submission.

How to Apply

Issue date of RFP: Monday, July 9, 2018

Proponent’s deadline for questions: Monday July 23, 2018

Deadline for issuing addenda: Wednesday, July 25, 2018 

RFP Closing Date: Monday, August 6, 2018

Click here to review the full document for application instructions