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High Performing Primary Health Care System

To improve health outcomes and support healthcare sustainability, the Alliance champions the transformation of primary health care so that its full potential as the foundation of the healthcare system is realized.
We promote the benefits of community-governed models of primary health care to advance health equity and improve overall health and wellbeing in Ontario.

And we prioritize working with partners to ensure that all residents of Ontario, especially people and communities facing barriers to health, can access the comprehensive health and social services they need to maintain their health and wellbeing.

The Alliance is proud to be a member of the Ontario Primary Care Council. The Council is a partnership of six provincial associations that represent primary care providers. The founding members are:

A growing unity of purpose within the Council provides government and other stakeholders with an unprecedented opportunity to gather expert advice on how to strengthen primary care. For the first time ever primary care associations are developing common positions on how primary care can be strengthened.


OPCC’s Goal

Primary care must serve as the strong foundation of the health system


To improve population health, deliver people-centred services and strengthen our publicly funded health system, Ontario must create a stronger foundation for the delivery of primary care in this province.

This principle is based on a large volume of evidence which demonstrates investment in primary care is associated with improved system quality, equity and efficiency.

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