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When Grief Comes to Work: Loss in Community Health Care

Image: Black-on-white linoprint of one hand holding another, with text reading "We need each other."


This hour will begin with an overview of how grief and traumatic loss show up at work and impact us and our teams. There will be time towards the end of the session for participants to gather in breakout rooms and discuss the ways that loss shows up for us in our work. Breakout rooms will also provide an opportunity for mutual support.

Learning Objectives 

Participants in this webinar will come away with:

  • A deeper awareness of the impact of ongoing multiple losses and stressors on ourselves as workers- both front line and managers
  • An understanding of impact of the current realities of COVID-19, and the shadow pandemics of continuing opioid overdoses, poverty, homelessness and systemic racialized violence
  • A better understanding of the range of diverse responses to grief and traumatic loss- within the context of broader systemic, social and structural realities that can exacerbate tensions for workers 
  • Knowledge of key aspects of grief processing and of individual and team resilience
  • Tools for support and holding steady in the work


Chris Leonard is a private consultant and a member of the Good Grief Care Consulting team who brings extensive experience supporting workers and communities impacted by loss and trauma. Her process facilitation and trainings are grounded in wholistic, anti-oppressive, resilience and restorative practices that builds capacity in areas of trauma, grief, impact debriefing, and conflict. Chris brings mindful awareness from her training as a Zen shiatsu therapist into her work of holding space for individuals, teams and communities impacted by loss.
  Now retired from her 24 year role as co-creator and Director of the AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Program of Ontario (ABRPO), Yvette Perreault continues to support community in a training, process facilitating and consulting role within the community-based not for profit sector. Retirement brings delightful options for work within her new community outside of Toronto, and Yvette has undertaken a part time role as the Traumatic Grief Specialist with the ECMH in Belleville. Her interest is in building teams with heart and helping people turn to one another in their communities. As principal of Good Grief Care Consultants, she works with a diverse team to provide accessible, relevant traumatic grief supports to front line workers. 
Friday, April 23, 2021 - 12:00