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Lunch 'n' Learn Webinar: Understanding the Differences between Rural and Urban Healthcare Needs

Rural communities make up 18% of the national population, but they are only served by 8% of all practicing physicians in Canada. Rural populations have also been found to be, on average, older, less affluent, and less healthy than their urban counterparts. Ontario Community Health Centres (CHCs) strive to offer services specifically tailored to their communities, which is particularly valuable in rural communities that may have to prioritize the services they offer based on the limited resources available.

Natalie Pallisco, a student at Western University, is using EMR data from Ontario CHCs, supplemented with local sociodemographic data from Statistics Canada, to explore how CHCs respond to the differing needs of rural and urban clients, in terms of:

  • The reasons for which clients visit a CHC (specifically focusing on ambulatory-care sensitive conditions and mental health visits);
  • The gender distribution of clients;
  • The age distribution of clients;
  • The type of service provider seen by clients.

Understanding these differences will help our sector advocate and plan for the specific supports needed by clients in rural communities.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2021 - 12:00