[Carol Lambie, President and CEO of Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care and David Jeffery, Executive Director of Chigamik Community Health Centre, stand in front of the new Community Health Hub in Midland].

A decade in the making, the Midland Communuity Health Hub is a result of deep partnerships and a drive to collaborate better across organizations to better serve clients.

Centre de santé communautaire Chigamik Community Health Centre (CSC Chigamik CHC) began its move to its new building in Midland Ontario this week, with doors set to open officially June 1. Of course, many programs continue to be offered virtually while COVID-19 response continues in the area, with steps taken to ensure safety of staff and clients when in-person services are needed.

Chigamik will share the new Midland Community Health Hub space with its partners Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care’s Outpatient Mental Health program and the HERO Centre (Housing, Employment, Rehabilitation and Our Place Social Club programs).

“Waypoint and Chigamik were visionary in planning for this co-location of services to improve access for our clients and their families which aligns with the government’s commitment to integrated care delivery systems,” said Carol Lambie, president and CEO of Waypoint.

The 40,000-square-foot facility is a collaborative project that will house CSC Chigamik CHC and Waypoint’s outpatient and community programs and a number of common elements such as a reception area, meeting rooms, a community kitchen and physiotherapy facilities. Several rooms are designated for “smudging” to serve the Indigenous community. All services and programs from each organization will remain the same.

“We’re very excited to announce that the new Midland Community Health Hub building is complete," said David Jeffery, executive director of CSC Chigamik CHC. "This new building will consolidate many healthcare services in our community under one roof including primary care and mental health supports, youth programming, traditional healing and walk-in services. This will allow for more collaborative growth and provide our clients and residents with more access to quality, client-centered care.” 

Other community organizations who will share the space include the North Simcoe Youth Wellness Hub, the Patient, Client and Family Council, the Rapid Access Addiction Medicine (RAAM) clinic (facilitated by the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre), the Mental Health Walk-In Clinic (facilitated by the Catholic Family Services of Simcoe County), the Midland Midwives By the Bay and more.

"This new Community Health Hub is the result of deep partnerships that have been fostered over the last decade,” says Betty Valentine, Waypoint Board Member and Tammy Stadt, CHC Chigamik CSC Board Member and Property Committee Co-Chairs. “This is a place where our teams will work together, share knowledge, and provide integrated care to our residents, and where everyone will feel like they are valued and belong.”