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Advocating for health equity and community supports in the COVID-19 pandemic response

We're advocating for marginalized and at risk populations and communities during Ontario's COVID-19 response, and so can you.

Please share/use these graphics and messages widely right now, and make sure Canada's leaders -- at the federal, provincial and municipal levels -- know what the values of your communiity are, and that means no one is left behind in a crisis. Don't forget to tag your mayor, or other local leader, to make your community's concerns are being heard.

Sample tweet: We need community programs that serve marginalized communities to stay open. Overdose prevention services, food programs and shelters are essential services. Community workers need personal protective equipment NOW #COVID19ON

Sample Tweet: Fund emergency shelters now. Homeless people cannot practice #PhysicalDistancing & #SelfIsolation in overcrowded shelters. Fund more shelters now to help slow the spread of #COVID19 and support everyone during this response. #ONhealth #coronavirus #COVID19ON #HereForTheMarginalized



Sample Tweet: We need responses that prioritize access to care for marginalized communities. To #FlattenTheCurve financial and social supports must be available for all people. Be bold, advocate for health for all #COVID19ON #HumanRightsFirst

Sample Tweet: Some communities are impacted by BOTH #COVID19 and the #OpioidCrisis. To safely practice #PhysicalDistancing while still preventing overdoses, people need access to #SafeSupply through their health providers NOW. #ONhealth #coronavirus #COVID19ON #HereForTheMarginalized

Sample Tweet: Indigenous communities, especially reserve and rural communities, could face harsh COVID-19 impacts if existing health inequities are not addressed. The province must consult with Indigenous leaders to develop #COVD19ON strategy NOW.

Sample Tweet: Overdose prevention sites save lives and care for people affected by #COVID19 and the #OpioidCrisis. They need to stay open. Harm reduction workers need protective equipment NOW to be able to serve their communities safely. #ONhealth #coronavirus #COVID19ON #HereForTheMarginalized

Sample Tweet: Seasonal farm workers are members of our communities & play important roles in Ontario’s food supply. @Celliottability: Ensure these workers get care, and space needed for #PhysicalDistancing during #COVID19. #HereForTheMarginalized #ONhealth