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Pharmacare – the push for national drug coverage that is public, safe and affordable

We are paying some of the highest prices in the developed world for prescription medicines in Canada. Nearly 8 million people have no drug coverage, and at least 3 million in Canada cannot afford to pay for their prescriptions. We are the only developed country with a universal health care system that does not include prescription drug coverage.

Over half of the people served by Alliance members live on low incomes and many cannot afford to cover their prescription drugs. We are very pleased with the Ontario government’s recent introduction of OHIP+ pharmacare which provides 4,400 prescription medications free for children and youth age 24 and under.

The Alliance supports the Ontario government to continuing a leadership role in developing a strategy toward universal pharmacare, and calls on the federal government to create a national pharmacare plan. Recent studies show that a national drug coverage plan in Canada could save over $7 billion each year while covering all Canadians for virtually all prescription drugs.

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Learn more and add your voice to the call for universal pharmacare by supporting these campaigns.