Combating Isolation and Empowering Human Connection through Social Prescribing

Date: October 20, 2023
Where:  All over Ontario and Canada!

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We invite you to join us on October 20, 2023 during Community Health and Wellbeing Week for an empowering and transformative experience that celebrates the beauty of human connection and the potential of social prescribing. Together, we can create stronger communities, and promote community health and wellbeing.

The event is purposely organized the day after the annual Social Prescribing Conference as an opportunity for participants, community groups, link workers, clinicians, and program managers to meet in person. We will harness the momentum of the conference and Community Health & Wellbeing Week to work at combating loneliness in a concrete way.

We're Seeking Partners!

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  • Your organization wants to participate as a partner and invite your clients or members to join the event. 
  • You'd like to host your own Social Prescription for Human Connection Event.

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The Purpose of the Human Connection Event

Our goal is to address the prevalent issue of isolation within our communities. By fostering connections, we provide individuals an opportunity to experience or learn about the power of social prescribing. Let's create a ripple effect that strengthens community bonds and promotes overall wellbeing.


  1. Combat Isolation: Our main objective is to combat the growing problem of isolation. We're creating an inclusive environment where individuals can forge meaningful connections at their local Member Center.

  2. Promote Human Connection: Authentic human connection is essential for personal wellbeing and community cohesion. The Human Connection event provides a platform for healthcare workers and individuals to meet new people, engage in conversations, and establish friendships.

  3. Showcase Social Prescribing: Social prescribing recognizes the importance of non-medical interventions. By highlighting its effectiveness, we aim to raise awareness and encourage individuals to consider innovative solutions for their health.

Ideas for Your Event

  1. Art on prescription: Engage in creative workshops that encourage collaboration and accomplishment.
  2. Community Cooking Class: Learn to prepare meals together and spark conversations.
  3. Nature on prescription: Explore the outdoors and bond over shared experiences.
  4. Storytelling Circle: Share personal stories to foster empathy and connection.
  5. Music and Dance: Learn dance moves, play instruments, or have a dance party.
  6. Photography Walk: Capture sights and share photos, promoting discussions.
  7. Community Gardening: Plant together and create camaraderie.
  8. Culture on prescription: Explore local cultural events for shared understanding.
  9. Outdoor Picnic: Share food, stories, and laughter in a relaxed setting.
  10. Community Service: Volunteer together for a sense of purpose and unity.

Remember, tailor the activities to your community's interests. Best of luck with your event!

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