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S. Dahrouge

Managing Chronic Disease in Ontario Primary Care: The Impact of Organizational Factors



New approaches to chronic disease management emphasize the need to improve the delivery of primary care services to meet the needs of chronically ill patients. This study (1) assessed whether chronic disease management differed among 4 models of primary health care delivery and (2) identifi ed which practice organizational factors were independently associated with high-quality care.

Family-centred care delivery: Comparing models of primary care service delivery in Ontario

Editor's Key Points

  • In Ontario, different models of primary care service delivery coexist. The organization and remuneration of primary care services might influence many aspects of quality of care and provider behaviour. Therefore, it is important to evaluate these models in order to better understand their performance and function.
  • This study found that patients and providers reported high levels of family-centred care in all models of primary care service delivery.

Community orientation in primary care practices: Results from the Comparison of Models of Primary Health Care in Ontario Study


Objective: To determine which of 4 organizational models of primary care in Ontario were more community oriented.

Design: Cross-sectional investigation using practice and provider surveys derived from the Primary Care Assessment Tool, with nested qualitative case studies (2 practices per model).

Age equity in different models of primary care practice in Ontario

Editor's Key Points

  • Canada has restructured its primary care models of service delivery, shifting from traditional fee-for-service models to salaried community health centres, and to models in which remuneration is largely based on capitation (ie, health service organizations and family health networks). This is the first study to assess disparities among age groups across several dimensions of primary care performance in primary care models.
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