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Research Library

The Alliance research library contains reports, toolkits and multimedia resources. If you would like to submit a paper to be posted in our library, please forward the publication to for review and posting.

Research Papers by Topic (below)

Alliance & External Conference Presentations (at bottom)


Research Papers by Topic


Demonstrating Our Commitment to the Model of Health and Wellbeing  

A Regional System of High-Quality Care: Rural Hastings Health Link – A Collaborative Initiative 

Lyn Linton, Julia Swedak, Catherine Macdonald and Dariya Gusovsky

Climate Change and Health Equity: Women, Newcomers, and Youth

Catherine Macdonald, Melissa Perri, Daniel Jubas-Malz, and Kate Mulligan

Sentinels of inequity Josée G. Lavoie1 , Colleen Varcoe, C. Nadine Wathen, Marilyn Ford-Gilboe, and Annette J. Browne 2018
Delivering Primary Care as Envisioned Jennifer Rayner, Laura Muldoon, Imaan Bayoumi, Dale McMurchy, Kate Mulligan, and Wangari Tharao 2018
Transforming Primary Health Care in Ontario: Spotlight on Community-Centredness (English) (French) AOHC 2016
Examining Community Health Centres According to Geography and Priority Populations Served Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) 2015
The untold story: Examining Ontario’s CHCs’ initiatives to address upstream DOH  Patricia A. Collins, Sarah J. Resendes and James R. Dunn 2014
Towards equity in access to Community-based Primary Health Care: A population needs-based approach  AOHC 2012
Age equity in different models of primary care practice in Ontario  Simone Dahrouge, William Hogg, Meltem Tuna, Grant Russell, Rose Ann Devlin, Peter Tugwell, and Elizabeth Kristjansson 2011


Demonstrating the Effectiveness of Our Model of Comprehensive Primary Health Care  

Impact of comprehensive care on health care use among a cohort of marginalized people living with hepatitis C in Toronto  Erin Mandel, Claire Kendall, Kate Mason, Mary Guyton, Bernadette Lettner, Jennifer Broad, Jason Altenberg,  Jessy Donelle,  Jeff Powis  2019
Attachment to primary care and team-based primary care Fiona Kouyoumdjian, Marie Kim, Tara Kiran, Stephanie Cheng, Kinwah Fung, Aaron Orkin, Claire E. Kendall, Samantha Green, Flora I. Matheson, and Lori Kiefer 2019
Seaway Valley Oral Health Pilot Project Final Report 2019.pdf Seaway Valley Community Health Centre 2019
How Equity-Oriented Health Care Affects Health.pdf Marilyn Ford-Gilboe, C. Nadine Wathen, Colleen Varcoe, Carol Herbert, Beth E. Jackson,  Josee G. Lavoie, Bernadette (Bernie) Pauly, Nancy A. Perrin, Victoria Smye, Brue Wallace, Sabrina T. Wong, and Annette Browne 2018
Nutrition and obesity care in multidisciplinary primary care settings in Ontario, Canada: Short duration of visits and complex health problems perceived as barriers Stephanie Aboueid, Ivy Bourgeault, and Isabelle Giroux 2018
Cancer screening: How Ontario’s Community Health Centres achieve results - (English) (French) Association of Ontario Health Centres 2016
 Self-Management, Health Service Use and Information Seeking for Diabetes Care among Black Caribbean Immigrants in Toronto Ilene Hyman, Enza Gucciardi, Dianne Patychuk, Joanna Anneke Rummens, Yogendra Shakya, Dragan Kljujic, Mehreen Bhamani, and Fedaa Boqaileh 2014
Comparison of Primary Care Models in Ontario Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences 2012
Community orientation in primary care practices: Results from the Comparison of Models of Primary Health Care in Ontario Study Laura Muldoon, Simone Dahrouge, William Hogg, Robert Geneau, Grant Russell, Michael Shortt 2010
CHC Cost Effectiveness: A review of the literature Association of Ontario Health Centres 2005

A Strategic Review of the Community Health Centre Program 

 Chandrakant P. Shah, Brent W. Moloughney (for MOHLTC) 2001

Understanding our Client Populations and their Health Journeys


Characteristics of health care related to mental health and substance use disorders among Community Health Centre clients in Ontario: a population-based cohort study

Richard G. Booth, Western University; Lucie Richard, ICES Western; Lihua Li, ICES Western; Salimah Z. Shariff, ICES Western; Jennifer Rayner, Alliance for Healthier Communities.  2020

Illustrating the Patient Journey through the Care Continuum: Leveraging Structured Primary Care Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Data in Ontario, Canada using Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease as a Case Study (subscription)

 Jennifer Rayner, Alliance for Healthier Communities; Tanya Khan, Carmen Chan, and Chen Wu, Canadian Institute for Health Information.  2020

Patterns of Community Care for Mental Health and Addictions: Insights From Community Health Centre EMR Data

Canadian Institute for Health Information (with data provided by the Alliance for Healthier Communities) 2020
Illustrating the COPD client’s journey through the care continuum using PHC EMR data from The Alliance for Healthier Communities Canadian Institute for Health Information (with data provided by the Alliance for Healthier Communities)  2019
Masuring What Matters - How the Canadian Index of Wellbeing can improve quality of life in Ontario Association of Ontario Health Centres and the Ontario Trillium Foundation  2014


Understanding the Enablers of Highest-Quality Care

Case Study:  A Regional System of High-Quality Care: Rural Hastings Health Link – A Collaborative Initiative   (subscription)

Lyn Linton, Julia Swedak, Catherine Macdonald and Dariya Gusovsky 2020

Case Study: West End Quality Improvement Collaboration (subscription)

Julie Callaghan, Tammy Décarie, Kasia Filaber, Maureen Gans, Faten Hassaan and Cliff Ledwos 2019

“That's a double-edged sword”: Exploring the integration of supervised consumption services within community health centres in Toronto, Canada

Geoff Bardwell, Carol Strike, Sanjna Mitra, Ayden Scheim, Lorraine Barnaby, Jason Altenberg, and Thomas Kerr 2019
Implementation contexts and the impact of policing on access to supervised consumption services in Toronto, Canada: a qualitative comparative analysis Geoff Bardwelll, Caroll Strike, Jason Altenberg, Lorraine Barnaby, and Thomas Kerr 2019
Examining the extent and factors associated with interprofessional collaboration in primary care teams (video) Annum Khan, Jan Barnsley, Jenine Harris, and Walter Wodchis 2019
Team composition and chronic disease management within primary healthcare practices in eastern Ontario: an application of the Measuring Organizational Attributes of Primary Health Care Survey Julia Lukewich, Dana S. Edge, Elizabeth VanDenKerkhof, Tyler Williamson, Joan Tranmer 2018
Family-centred care delivery: Comparing models of primary care service delivery in Ontario Liesha Mayo-Bruinsma, William Hogg, Monica Taljaard, and Simone Dahrouge 2013
Managing Chronic Disease in Ontario - The impact of organizational factors.pdf  Grant M. Russell, Simone Dahrouge, Robert Geneau, Laura Muldoon, Meltem Tuna 2009
Breast and Colorectal Cancer Screening Barriers among Immigrants and Refugees.pdf  A. M. Q. Wang, E. M. Yung, N. Nitti, Y. Shakya, A. K. M. Alamgir, A. K. Lofters 2018



Conference Presentations



Using Equity Data to Improve Cancer Screening in Ontario CHCs  Jennifer Rayner, Dariya Gusovsky, Access Alliance, and TAIBU CHC NAPCRG 2019 November 2019
Rx Community: Social Prescribing in Ontario Community Health Centres  Jennifer Rayner, Sara Bhatti, Kate Mulligan, and Sonia Hsuing  NAPCRG 2019 November 2019
 Advancing Access to Team-Based Care in Ontario Jennifer Rayner, Elana Commisso, Jennifer Im, and Walter Wodchis NAPCRG 2019 November 2019

Social Prescribing for Climate Resilience: Connecting People to Nature and Community

Ayesha Asaf, Catherine Macdonald, Soni Hsuing, and Kate Mulligan Ontario Public Health Association Fall Forum 2019 November 2019

Impact of an interprofessional team-based care program on the health care utilization of patients with complex health and social needs.pdf  

 Jennifer Rayner & external partners  Annual CAHSPR Conference   May 2019

The Relationship between Primary Care Practice Organizational Characteristics and Chronic Disease Prevention and Management.pdf

Jennifer Rayner & external partners

Trillium PHC Research Day

June 2019

November 2019

Creating Effective Partnerships for the Treatment of Mental Health & Addictions in Community Health Centres.pdf 

Dariya Gusovsky & Jennifer Rayner

Sharing Mood and Anxiety Resources and Treatments (SMART) Conference

Trillium PHC Research Day

November 2019

 June 2019 

Describing Quality Improvement Initiatives in Ontario.pdf 

Jennifer Rayner & external partners Trillium PHC Research Day June 2019 

 Context-appropriate evaluation for community health promotion: making mission possible (PDF)

Jennifer Rayner & external partners Community Connections  June 2019

Rx: Community - Social Prescribing in Canada

Jennifer Rayner, Kate Mulligan, Sonia Hsuing, Sara Bhatti, Marcus Wong

International Social Prescribing Conference

July 2019


Oral Presentations

Panel Discussion - Focus on Value-Based Health Care Jennifer Rayner (panelist) Patient Health System Summit October 2019
Panel Discussion - 30,000 Long-Term Care Beds: Is This What We Need? Jennifer Rayner (panelist) RNAO NP Institute March 2019
Creating Effective Partnerships for the treatment of mental health & addiction in community health centres Dariya Gusovsky

Collaborative Mental Health Conference

May 2019
Advancing Access to Team-Based Care in Ontario Jennifer Rayner & external partners Annual CAHSPR Conference May 2019
COPD- A data partnership to gather insights for CHCs_final (for Community Health Connections June 12 2019) Jennifer Rayner & external partners Community Connections June 2019


Upcoming Presentations  

Don’t Re-Closet Your Clients: The Importance of Equity Data in Community Health

Catherine Macdonald, Cliff Ledwos Rainbow Health Ontario April 2020