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Engagement, Gouvernance, Accès et Protection (EGAP): Cadre de gouvernance des données sur la santé recueillies auprès des communautés de l'Ontario

Pour plus de ressources liées à EGAP, voir (Site Web en anglais; ressources téléchargeables en anglais et en français. 

English version here:

Engagement, Governance, Access, and Protection (EGAP): A Data Governance Framework for Health Data Collected from Black Communities in Ontario

Virtual Care During COVID-19 and Implications for Future Care Delivery

Virtual care is defined as “any interaction between patients and/or members of their circle of care, occurring remotely, using any form of communication or information technologies, with the aim of facilitating or maximizing the quality and effectiveness of patient care”, and was provided under special circumstances before March 2020. However, with the recent challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, community health centres and clinics have had to resort to providing virtual care with exceptions of face-to-face appointments for those requiring physical exams and interventions.

Patterns of Community Care for Mental Health and Addictions: Insights From Community Health Centre EMR Data

CIHI partnered with the Alliance for Healthier Communities (Alliance) to conduct this second proof-of-concept analysis focused on mental health and addictions. The Alliance represents a network of community-governed primary health care organizations that includes Ontario’s community health centres (CHCs).i CHCs provide interdisciplinary care to clients through a team-based approach, and remuneration is on a salaried basis. Care is integrated and coordinated both within the CHCs and with external health care providers and community-based agencies.

Comparison of Primary Care Models in Ontario by Demographics, Case Mix and Emergency Department Use, 2008/09 to 2009/10

Understanding value for money in Ontario's primary care system is complicated. This report examines patients/clients from April 2008 to March 2010 in: Community Health Centres (CHCs, a salaried model); Family Health Groups (FHGs, a blended fee-for-service model); Family Health Networks (FHNs, a blended capitation model); Family Health Organizations (FHOs, a blended capitation model); Family Health Teams (FHTs, an interprofessional team model composed of FHNs and FHOs); ‘Other’ smaller models combined; and those who did not belong to a model.

Dépistage du cancer : comment les centres de santé communautaire de l’Ontario obtiennent des résultats

Les centres de santé communautaire de l’Ontario servent un grand nombre de personnes à faible revenu, ainsi que d’autres populations qui se heurtent traditionnellement à des obstacles dans l’accès aux services de prévention des maladies. Malgré cela, les centres de santé communautaire de l’Ontario atteignent des taux de dépistage du cancer supérieurs aux moyennes provinciales.


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