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Tim Anfilogoff is Head of Community Resilience for Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group in the U.K., with a focus on social prescribing and promoting community-led health. As Head of Community Wellbeing for Herts County Council, Tim developed HertsHelp, an expert triaging service for voluntary and community assets, which now underpins social prescribing in the County, making referrals to 140 different community organizations per month. 

Dr. Marie Anne Essam has almost 30 years experience in primary care in the U.K., and 15 years in various leadership roles driving patient-centred improvements. Marie Anne’s experience of the transformative impact of social prescriptions for her own patients demonstrates the value of whole-person care, and the necessity to look wider than the relatively small medical part of health, to assist individuals towards personal resilience. Marie Anne also holds an MBA (London School of Business and Finance) and speaks regularly on the opportunities of social prescribing to catalyze a culture change in public services and in people’s lives.

Altogether Better

Alyson McGregor has over 30 years’ experience in a range of roles in the public, private and voluntary sector that meet the health and wellbeing needs of patients, people and communities. She is currently the National Director of Altogether Better. Alyson is a founding member of the National Social Prescribing Steering Group, and has worked with more than 100 primary care practices. Alyson was voted one of the top 50 inspirational women leaders in the NHS in 2013.