Physician and nurse practitioner home visits at end of life associated with better patient outcomes: a population-based study


Home visits at the end of life decrease hospitalizations and hospital deaths, which reduces healthcare costs and aligns with most patients’ wishes. In addition to family physicians, nurse practitioners (NPs) play a critical role in meeting the rising demand for home and community-based palliative care. However, very few population-level studies have examined practice patterns of NPs delivering home-based end-of-life care and the collaboration between physicians and NPs.

Equity, Community and Trust: Building vaccine confidence with marginalized populations


The Alliance for Healthier Communities, a network of team-based comprehensive primary health care organizations across Ontario, has implemented a Community Vaccination Promotion project to promote access to and uptake of COVID-19 vaccines for children and their families in marginalized communities most affected by COVID-19.


To examine how an equity-informed approach using community leadership, and trusted relationships built vaccine confidence and vaccination uptake through 12 diverse communities.