By Heidi Schaeffer, AOHC Knowledge Management and Learning

At its recent annual general meeting, AOHC member centres unanimously endorsed a new Model of Health and Wellbeing to guide their delivery of Primary Health Care.  

The Model represents a commitment to a shared vision of the best possible health and wellbeing for everyone in Ontario. It describes the core values, the principles and attributes that direct the services and the programs at AOHC member centres.  These principles and attributes are rooted in the goal of providing the highest quality of health & wellbeing that is both people and community centred.

To help deepen the understanding of these concepts, the module is being provided publically as a webcast that anyone can listen to at any time.

Orientation to the Model of Health and Wellbeing - Module 1 (43 mins)

This orientation webcast is the first of 9 learning modules being developed this year.  Coming next will be one webcast for each of the 8 attributes of the Model of Health and Wellbeing.

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Supporting Documents (coming soon):

  • Glossary
  • References & Resources

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