(Download this policy as a PDF here.)

The Board commits itself and its members to ethical, anti-oppressive, businesslike and lawful conduct, including proper use of authority and appropriate decorum when acting as Board members consistent with the Alliance’s Vision, Mission, Values, commitment to anti-oppression and health equity.

Should the Board or members of the Board not act in a manner consistent with the above, a complaint may be lodged.

Every member of the Alliance has the right to bring forward any complaints they may have about the Alliance. For your information the complaint process is listed below. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Alliance. To ensure all members are aware of the process, we will ensure that upon joining the Alliance new members receive a copy of the Complaint Process with their membership package. 

This is an excerpt from Governance Policy #2Q – COMPLAINTS POLICY:

1. When a complaint is brought to Alliance through a Board or staff member, the complaint is referred to the Board Chair and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Board Chair and the CEO will determine if it is a policy matter or a complaint of an operational nature.

1.1 Policy Matter:

1.1.1. If it is a policy matter, the Board member informs the Chair who then puts the issue on the agenda of the next meeting of the Board.

1.1.2. The Board: Deliberates on whether it is a potential violation of a Board policy;

and Reviews the policy to determine if it needs to be amended. The Chair communicates to the complainant the results of theBoard’s deliberations including any actions taken.

1.2  Operational Matter:

If the complaint is not a policy issue, it is referred to the Chief Executive Officer for resolution.