Social prescribing outcomes: a mapping review of the evidence from 13 countries to identify key common outcomes



As a means for supporting a range of health and wellbeing goals, social prescribing programs have been implemented around the world. Reflecting a range of contexts, needs, innovation, and programing, a broad array of outcomes has been studied in relation to these programs. As interest in social prescribing grows, more targeted study of key outcomes and in turn evidence synthesis that can inform evidence-based practice, policy, and investment is needed.

A Multidimensional Social Inquiry into the Loneliness Problem: Urbanization, Technological Mediation, and Neoliberal Individualism

Loneliness is a compelling, complex, and multifaceted social issue of the times, which cannot be reduced to a personal trouble writ large. Loneliness is not one thing. There is a need for a broad and multidimensional social approach to loneliness—even broader than a public health approach—that could take up the problem of loneliness as a complex phenomenon.

Establishing internationally accepted conceptual and operational definitions of social prescribing through expert consensus: a Delphi study



The aim of this study was to establish internationally accepted conceptual and operational definitions of social prescribing.


A three-round Delphi study was conducted.


This study was conducted virtually using an online survey platform.

Prescribing Better "Pills" to Swallow

This report was featured in the 2023 Family Medicine Report from the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto. Alongside some of the major findings of the Alliance's Rx:Community Social Prescribing pilot, and it tells the powerful story of Nafisa and her daughter, two participants in Rexdale CHC's Social Prescribing program. Shortly after they came to Canada as asylum seekers, Nafisa experienced complex health challenges.

Big ideas: Top 4 proposals presented at Family Medicine Forum 2022

The Big Ideas Soapbox at Family Medicine Forum (FMF) showcases concepts that could make a difference to clinical practice, faculty development, postgraduate or undergraduate education, patient care and outcomes, or health policy. This session offers a platform for innovators to share fresh ideas, innovative thinking, and fledgling developments with the potential to initiate change. Proposals are selected for presentation at FMF based on reviewers’ scores, and the innovators are invited to the Big Ideas Soapbox session to present and defend their ideas.