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CHC History

Ever since Community Health Centres started over 40 years ago they have enjoyed the support of Liberals, Conservatives and the NDP alike.  

In the 1970’s when Bill Davis was premier, they began as experimental pilot projects. In 1982 Tory Health Minister Larry Grossman announced Community Health Centres would make the leap and become part of Ontario’s mainstream health system.  It was also Minister Grossman who set annual targets for growth.

In 1987, Liberal Premier David Peterson followed suit announcing his government's intent to double the number of Ontario residents receiving primary health care, what was then called “alternative funding arrangements.” Many more Ontarians gained access to Community Health Centre services as result.

And then in the 1990’s the NDP opened up access to the Community Health Centre model using a different approach. They created sister Community Health Centres ---- ten  Aboriginal Health Access Centres that today serve 55,000 Aboriginal Peoples in a culturally appropriate way.   

Most recently, in 2004 and 2005 it was the Liberal McGuinty government who made a very strong commitment to the Community Health Centre model of care.  

As a result of the government’s decision to create 21 new centres and 28 new satellites, access opened up to 175,000 more people throughout Ontario.