The Business Intelligence Reporting Tool, or BIRT, is an innovative award-winning business intelligence software solution developed to support our member centres in the areas of accountability reporting to funders, administrative planning and evidence-based clinical decision making. It is a robust, self-service, intuitive, analytic environment. BIRT’s privacy and security infrastructure is also flexible enough to have sensitive clinical information, while allowing users to share, collaborate and develop best practices.

BIRT is part of the Non-Operational Reporting and Analytics (NORA) workstream. NORA is a group of interrelated projects strategically designed to integrate data from multiple systems. Every day, our member centres gather valuable data to support the work they do. This data ranges from the number of client visits, medical conditions seen to treatments prescribed. This information is used to support operations and the delivery of service and care. Whether clinical, financial, HR, or other systems although functional, the data is siloed and prevents the formation of a holistic view of operations. NORA aims to address this gap.

BIRT gives member centres a holistic view of operations by consolidating key data and presenting it in an integrated and easy-to-analyze manner. This means centres are better prepared to remove barriers for vulnerable populations by also considering clients socio-demographic conditions, when creating programs and services. Users can store data in a centralized repository and perform analysis, research and evaluation using sophisticated and intuitive business analysis tools. BIRT is far more than simply business intelligence software; it is a bilingual, pragmatic reporting and analytic tool developed through user input and evaluation to answer centres’ strategic and operational questions.

The data in BIRT is refreshed nightly. This means our centres are making evidence-based decisions using near-real-time data. This is a core aspect of high data quality and gives our member centres the ability to look at data across multiple programs, drive quality improvement, make strategic planning decisions, and benchmark performance. BIRT helps them be uniquely equipped to provide better health and wellbeing through advanced analytics.