Ontario is home to the largest proportion of Black* people living in Canada (52.4%). Across the province, systemic discrimination and marginalization have had a deleterious impact on the health and wellbeing of Black people. These issues permeate all aspects of life and are exacerbated by the lack of a comprehensive and bold agenda prioritizing Black health in Ontario.

The Alliance strives to meaningfully recognize and incorporate the specific needs and perspectives of Black communities in our work and among our members. To enable this, the Alliance has a Black health committee and its objectives are:

  • To advance an agenda prioritizing Black health in Ontario.
  • To examine health issues impacting Black populations across the province and provide strategic oversight in the development of policies and actions that improve overall health outcomes.
  • To promote collaboration with key stakeholders to champion the development and uptake of a comprehensive Black health strategy




*Black is used as an umbrella term here. It includes people who identify as Black-Canadian, African, Caribbean, Afro-Indigenous and Afro-Latinx.