Logo of 40 years of this organization

We have achieved a lot in 40 years. We can do even more in the next 40 in building healthier communities.

This year, the Alliance for Healthier Communities celebrates its 40th anniversary. Founded in 1982 with six Community Health Centres as members, we have since grown to embrace a wide range on community-governed primary health care organizations across Ontario. Today, the Alliance is more than 100 members strong and continues to expand, include new members and partners, and tackle new challenges and ideas.

The past four decades brought numerous internal transformations at the Alliance and external shifts in the provincial healthcare landscape. Through all these changes, one thing has remained unchanged: our collective commitment to improving the health and wellbeing for people and communities facing the biggest barriers in our province — those marginalized by poverty, isolation, racism, a lack of affordable housing, stigma and other social determinants. 

This commitment is put into action every day as members work with the people and communities they serve to address their needs and deliver high-quality primary health care services all across the province: from large urban centres to small and remote rural communities. Members keep this commitment to health equity at the centre as they work with partners to transform our provincial health system through their local Ontario Health Teams. This commitment shone through during the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic as members not only continued to serve their clients but also innovated to address emerging needs and advocated for an equitable response to the virus.

As we celebrate these advancements and honour the incredible work of Alliance members, we are also looking to the future. With the new strategic plan, developed over the past year in consultation with members, partners and staff, and unwavering commitment to health equity, we are well positioned to continue our work building equitable futures for everyone in Ontario for decades to come.

Timeline of the Alliance